Using Competitive Intelligence Tools
and Learning AdWords Editor

Using tools to fit the AdWords optimization cycle

Google AdWords is made up of a few core components.

In the AdWords optimization cycle, we need to make adjustments to our campaigns based on the feedback we receive at each stage in the cycle. The diagram below shows how this optimization process works.

You can make adjustments every single day, or a few times a week. The more often you optimize, the better your long-term performance will be.  

Using tools can help us be more efficient at each step in the process. Whether it is researching better keywords or managing the whole process, there are tools available to assist us.

You don’t need a third party tool to do everything

Google provides advertisers with several tools to help you understand the effectiveness of your advertising and to make changes to your account.

Then there is
Ads Editor, a tool that acts as the central nervous system for your entire AdWords ecosystem.

In our video, we do a demonstration of Google AdWords Editor and show why it has become such a vital component of managing AdWords campaigns.

Google AdWords Editor is a free tool that I encourage you to download today.

Google Ads Editor