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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our Google AdWords training program that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Purchase the course today for $497!

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Jeff Sauer has had the pleasure of working with many great marketers over the years to develop paid search campaigns. Here is a small sampling of what our industry peers have to say about working with Jeff.

  • Susan Minniear - Los Angeles, CA (Team Lead at Google)
    I find Jeff extremely innovative, he is constantly brainstorming creative ideas to drive efficiencies in Search campaigns. He always has the client’s best interest in mind. Jeff truly is an expert, even becoming a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant. His extensive experience and tireless work ethic aside, Jeff is a joy to work with. I appreciate his straightforward and open communication style and see him as a valued partner to my team.
    Susan Minniear - Los Angeles, CA (Team Lead at Google)
  • Jon Simmons - New York, NY (Founder of ClearSearch Media)
    I have worked with Jeff on a number of large scale paid search marketing initiatives and have come to know him as a forward looking marketing pro who is dedicated to his work, clients, and ultimately performance. Having spent time with Jeff on everything from strategy to execution, I can say that his expertise spans technical to creative, in the weeds to 10,000 other words, he has a unique perspective, is a pleasure to work with, and knows what he is doing! Any business would be lucky to have him spearheading their online marketing program.
    Jon Simmons - New York, NY (Founder of ClearSearch Media)
  • Rich Godwin - San Francisco, CA (Former Head of Industry at Google)
    Jeff has been a fantastic partner for our team at Google. Jeff has a tremendous understanding of his clients needs and objectives and has such a depth of understanding of all things digital that he is constantly finding ways to develop greater returns for his clients. He's a pleasure to work with. Jeff is at the highest level of understanding and execution in digital marketing.
    Rich Godwin - San Francisco, CA (Former Head of Industry at Google)

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Our digital marketing thought leadership programs have reached thousands of marketers... And don't just take our word for it. Hear what they have to say!

  • Jarad Collier - Seattle, WA
    Jeff is a connector of people, a stand-up comedian, an analytical mastermind, a fearless leader, a lover of bacon, a technical genius, a humble compatriot, a good listener, and a great friend. I owe much to Jeff. He gave me the opportunity to hone my paid search skills at Three Deep. Jeff's people skills, on-the-spot jokes and fearless presentation skills are talents most can only aspire to.
    Jarad Collier - Seattle, WA
  • Dan Bassett - Minneapolis, MN
    Whether you're just getting started or you've been advertising for years, training from Jeff Sauer will undoubtedly open your eyes to the full power of online advertising. Jeff provides straightforward information, taking you from knowing the "what" to knowing the "why" and the "how". This is actionable information that can be applied to your account immediately - in most cases, during class itself.
    Dan Bassett - Minneapolis, MN
  • Jack Boland - Richmond, VA
    Jeff's demeanor and presentation style are personal and casual. The content of his training sessions, however, are not. Rather, for beginners and certified professionals alike, Jeff offers valuable high-level education on getting the most out of advertising. I never felt as though I was having facts spewed at me. Jeff was able to help alter my modes of thinking about how my organization uses advertising and identify and patch weak points in our account structures. Thanks, Jeff.
    Jack Boland - Richmond, VA

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our Google AdWords training program that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you make it through the first half of our training program and you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will gladly refund your full purchase price!

Purchase the course today for $497!

Want to become more familiar with your instructor?

If you would like to get a better understanding of Jeff's presentation style, here is a presentation Jeff gave last year.

Have a question? Here are some answers!

How does the online training program work?

We release all of our videos to you upon successful signup and payment. We also send email reminders about lessons each weekday about the lesson that is now available, and you can go online to view the video. Videos typically last between 10 and 40 minutes, with the entire program lasting 11+ hours.

This particular course was selected by Knowledge Land members as the most important subject they wanted to learn in 2015.

How will I know if I like the videos?

Our training style is to make learning about online marketing accessible and enjoyable. While that's not always an easy task, our students have long enjoyed learning from our programs. Our average instructor rating is a 4.83 out of 5 stars.

Did you really manage $20 Million in AdWords spend?

Yes, I have overseen over $20 million in Google AdWords spend, and will share a screenshot of that data as part of our first lesson.

Will I be a Google AdWords master at the end?

You will have more knowledge than 99% of the marketers I interviewed during my agency days. You will also be taking the Google AdWords certification exam to prove your expertise. By learning from an expert, you will think and act like an master.

How much will this cost?

These videos are a one-time purchase and billed to your credit card. The current retail course pricing is $497. To be honest, this is the lowest price you will ever see for this course.

This course is severely under-priced because I am looking to grow market share. At $497, you are paying about 50% of the normal cost of an in-person Google AdWords course. These classes would cost at least $1,000 to attend in person.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the videos?

Our Google AdWords course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you don't feel like you are getting value from the training videos, you can email us your concerns and we will refund your money.

In fact, I will actually schedule a personal Skype call with you if you are unhappy. We will discuss why you are not finding value and I will personally recommend resources that are a better fit.

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