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Discover The Secrets Behind Profit-Driven Advertising On Google

 5-Day Google Ads Bootcamp

Learn how to run Ad Campaigns that drive traffic, convert customers and generate profits.

Most advertisers find Google Ads intimidating

They sign up for an account, and nothing happens. The phone doesn't ring, their products don't sell, and life goes back to normal... until they receive a bill from Google for the privilege of wasting money. Thanks for nothing, Google.

It doesn't have to be that way. Many businesses are absolutely crushing it with Google Ads, and their budgets are growing like crazy. Google's revenues are growing like crazy too! 

What separates the amateurs from the professionals? Technique! While Google has made advertising a science, getting great results is an art form. 

If you are looking to learn the world-class techniques that are required to deliver results from Google Ads, we have just the right program for you.

Our PPC Mastery Course teaches you how to:

Find New Customers

Your potential customers are searching on Google right now for answers. Be the best answer!

Expand Your Reach

If you aren't in Google search results, you don't exist. Be found easily by prospective customers.

Grow Your Business

Smart businesses grow by finding the most valuable, profitable customers. Find them with Google Ads.

A little story about why ​I started PPC Course

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer. I haven’t always been a PPC master.

At one time I was a struggling wantrepreneur, trying to figure out how I could build a business and quit my day job. Times were tough, and I was scraping by taking on odd tasks for anyone who had a website.

Then I discovered Google Ads, and it changed everything for me. Instead of begging for clients, businesses started lining up with money in hand. 

At the time, learning Google Ads on my own wasn't easy. There were no courses available, and everything came from trial and error. But after years of practice, I used my skills to build one the fastest growing companies in the US.

I have spent the last decade honing my expertise in Google Ads, and designed techniques that helped my clients to generate billions in revenue.

To expand my business, I had to hire talented individuals to manage client advertising accounts. At the time, there were no qualified candidates! So, in 2010 I started teaching people how to use Google Ads. Since then, I have logged over 1,000 hours of classroom teaching, and helped 10,000+ people discover how to maximize their online marketing performance.

BUT, I don’t work for Google. Which is perfect, because that means I'm not trying to sell you advertising. While Google is interested in your advertising dollars, I'm most interested in helping you generate profits. 

Now my day job is helping people like you become better marketers. Together we’ll learn how to use Google Ads the profitable way. We’ll learn quickly, and we’ll have a whole lot of fun!

We developed the PPC Mastery Course with you in mind!

Our online video program teaches techniques that will put you ahead of 98% of professional marketers (and have them green with envy). We boost your knowledge quickly, while giving you time to revisit techniques over time. You can make an immediate impact for your business, but also have lifetime access to everything!

Here are a few of the exciting things that you receive when you join PPC Course. 

Lifetime Access to Materials

Stay up to date with lifetime and unlimited access to all course materials. Even when the course is done, your membership won't be! 

15 Hours of Video Lessons 

67 HD videos teaching Google Ads mastery. Each lesson includes a video you can watch over and over, and an extensive write-up. 

Private Discussion Forum

Learn from your peers and get answers to pressing questions in our members-only forum. Get your questions answered directly by Google Ads strategy expert Jeff Sauer.

Insider Tips for Finding Pay-Per-Click Opportunities

Hear what clients, hiring managers and recruiters are looking for from PPC professionals.

Downloadable Spreadsheets and Reports

Learn how to think about advertising like a business owner. Understand ROI, profitability and more!

Preparation for the Google Ads Certification Exam

Learn what you need to pass the Google's Ads qualification exam.  Access a full test preview.

We have enrolled 6,629 students in PPC Course. People just like you have mastered Google Ads

PPC Mastery Course is for business owners, digital marketers and entrepreneurs who want to use Google Ads the profitable way.

Here's what a few of our students have to say about the PPC Mastery Course.

What I spend on AdWords vs what I spent on your course and the money I have *SAVED* has paid for itself 10 times over!

Darren Eiswirth

Stop screwing around and take this course... seriously. I was banging around in AdWords, frustrated at not getting my campaigns to perform. Jeff's course lays out the fundamentals of PPC, then provides strategies and tactics to use those tools to win at AdWords. Your clients will thank you! Now on to the Google Analytics course.

Eric Steckel

(50 customer reviews)

What's inside PPC Mastery Course?

  • 15 hours of video lessons: Lifetime unlimited access to 67 HD videos
  • Extensive write-ups and downloadable frameworks: The perfect companion for your videos. Profit models, ROI calculators and more! 
  • Private discussion forum & Facebook Group: Learn from your peers and get answers to pressing questions in our members-only forums
  • Continued learning: New resources to keep you current with Google Ads PPC changes, developments and techniques

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