PPC Course 2.0

9 Lessons

Managing Google Ads without a strategy is the same as lighting money on fire. Trust us, we’ve been there. Jeff once wasted $10k in 1 hour trusting a default Google setting. Never again!

We are staging an intervention against your money-sucking marketing efforts. You can do better.

Instead of wasting countless hours and padding Google’s wallet, how about jumping the line to outsized profits?

Learn the same strategies that Jeff Sauer designed on his way to generating over one million leads and over a billion dollars in revenue for his clients from Google Ads.

Become a certified Google Ads master in 30 Days with our video training course.

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Introduction to PPC Course

Navigating Google Ads

How Google Ads Works

Earning a Positive Return on Investment

The Business of PPC

Google Ads Certification

Additional Google Ads Campaign Formats

Advanced Google Ads Techniques

Bonus Materials for PPC Course Members