Creative Campaigns, PPC Analysis and New Android App

Top 10 Most Creative PPC Campaigns of All Time!

By: Matthew Stratford

Ever wondered what’s possible with pay-per-click advertising? Can you take advantage of your newfound knowledge to land a new job or find a date? What about thinking outside the box and going above and beyond to achieve success for a client? Well, you’re in luck because Matthew has put together some of the most creative uses of PPC…ever! See what he’s found here.

Landing Page Lessons From Top PPC Advertisers

By: Jamie Smith

A/B testing your PPC landing pages can be a long, arduous, and expensive process. While this can be highly effective, some teams simply don’t have the bandwidth to test every page. Luckily, this post covers a number of tricks straight from top advertisers that can help you learn how to optimize your landing pages without breaking the bank.

Strategies For Better PPC Analysis

By: Rachael Law

One of the most time-consuming aspects for any PPC manager is the analysis. One could potentially spend countless hours picking apart analytics, keyword, and CPC/performance data. Even with the massive time drain, it is still possible to miss key insights that may help you improve your campaigns. However, it is possible to streamline your workflow and reduce the time constraints of analyzing the data. This article provides several tips to improve your workflow and even comes with a pretty cool whitepaper – highly recommended reading.

Call-Only Ads – 5 Reasons Why They Should Be Part of Your PPC Strategy

By: Diane Pease

Recent statistics shows that 70% of mobile users will call a business directly from the search results page (SERP). This is a big reason Google rolled out mobile call-only campaigns last month, which is a game changer for businesses rely on phone calls for lead generation. Here is a breakdown of the benefits of call only campaigns:

  1. Phone Number is at the top of the ad
  2. Prominent call button
  3. A click = a phone call
  4. Direct line to your business
  5. Ability to create more targeted ads

Check out Diane’s article for more details!

AdWords app launches on Android

By: AdWords

Staying on top of your campaigns just got easier. Today, we’re introducing the AdWords app, an easy way to view and manage your ads’ performance when you’re on the go. This new Android app is available globally for existing AdWords customers.Businesses, large and small, are increasingly using smartphones to manage everything from customer support to product orders to marketing.

Melanie White also put together a nice write-up on the new Android app, and that article is available here.

Need Fast Growth? How To Ramp Up Your PPC Program Quickly

By: Jeff Baum

If you intend on making your career in PPC advertising, you may ultimately be in a situation where a client wants to drastically increase their ad spend, and they will expect results that meet the expectations of that additional money. This can be a scary and daunting task for any manager, but luckily this article offers plenty of options. From the Google Display Network to Bing to market expansion, Jeff’s guide runs through a number of avenues for you to pursue.

PPC Campaign Generator Works for AdWords Editor 11

By: Jarad Collier

The PPC Campaign Generator is a ridiculously useful piece of software to utilize in preparing and setting up your AdWords campaigns. Since Google recently overhauled their AdWords edititor, a lot of users were wondering whether or not the Campaign Generator would still work. Luckily, it does! Learn more about the tools in Jarad’s article.



Closed Loop Marketing for Pay Per Click Lead Generation

By: Luke Alley

How to setup and use Closed Loop Marketing to better track the quality of leads and tie the information back into your Pay Per Click campaign to optimize more effectively.