Customizing Campaigns, Pitfalls to Avoid and PPC Hacks

Customizing Your PPC Campaigns to Browsers, Shoppers, & Buyers

By: Richard Stokes
Understanding your customers’ mindset as they move through the customer lifecycle is imperative to running successful campaigns. This is especially true in search marketing, where it’s vital to understand the basic mechanisms behind how people search. This article provides an overview of the Visitor Interaction Model, which groups users into different buckets of purchase intent based on their specific search queries. The information can allow advertisers to predict where in the customer lifecycle a specific user falls, as well as the likelihood of a purchase based on their search query. For the people managing accounts for e-commerce sites, this article is a must read!

6 Tips To Grow A Small Business Account Without Tanking ROI

By: Amanda West-Bookwalt
Getting started with pay-per-click advertising can be difficult, especially for small business owners doing everything in-house. This guide provides tips to help you get involved with AdWords without breaking the bank. From getting started with PPC to dynamic advertising, you’ll find some excellent beginners tips here.

It’s A Trap! Avoid These 4 Pitfalls In Paid Search

By: Jared Del Prete

The art of search marketing has changed countless times since its inception so many years ago and continues to do so on a seemingly daily basis. What was true yesterday, might not be true today. Even with the articles, guides, forums, support, and documentation, advertisers still continue to make mistakes. This article sets to clear the air and addresses four common misconceptions about AdWords and paid search.

Here’s What To Expect When You Hire A Paid Search Agency

By: Pauline Jakober

Finding a paid search agency is no easy task at any level – proposals, meetings, quotes – it’s all a tremendous amount of work. But now that you have hired your team, what happens next? One would expect several meetings to dive deeper into your organization’s goals and expectations for the campaign(s). This is where you will be providing information necessary to the creation of an over-arching strategy. The next step is to determine which metrics define success, and how these metrics will be tracked. At this point, it is time to begin building out the campaign. The agency will architect each campaign, with correlating ad groups, keywords, copy, images, sitelinks, and every other piece of the campaign. Finally, the campaign is launched, measured, adjusted, and reported. Check out Pauline’s article for a more in-depth look at the process.

Staying on top of AdWords numerous new features – and learning how to best use them

By: Google AdWords

Direct from Inside AdWords – two brand new updates just released! Both updates come to the “Learn” tab on the AdWords support site. Fist, Google has added a “New AdWords Features” page, where they are offering a chronological listing of all updates, so users can quickly see what’s happened in recent months. For example, new features added in February include eligible flash ads being automatically converted to HTML5 on the Google Display Network and a new AdWords editor with bug and performance fixes has been released, among others. Second, a “Google Best Practices” page has been created with concise, organized tips covering a wide variety of PPC related topics.

The Top 10 PPC Marketing Hacks of All Time

By: Larry Kim

A man that needs no introduction, Larry Kim’s presentation for SearchFest 2015 has been added to SlideShare! Here is an overview of the PPC tips included:

  1. Hacking Quality Score in AdWords
  2. Hacking Ad CTRs
  3. Quality Score for Twitter & Facebook Ads
  4. People-Based PPC Marketing
  5. Quality Score for GDN
  6. Get 3x More Impressions on GDN
  7. Crazy Mobile Hack to Triple Conversions
  8. New Gmail Ads
  9. YouTube Trueview Ads
  10. First Mover Advantage

New Bing Ads Editor Version (10.7) Now Available

By: Ginny Marvin

Changes include a revamped user interface to make it more easily navigable and easier to use the editor pane. They also now offer more control over how users get and post changes, as well as added radius targeting to the location targeting feature. Finally, users can now edit keyword text directly in the editor pane. Make sure to check out the video in the linked article for more details.