Google’s Position in Attribution Modeling

The lead article from this week’s newsletter is very timely, because we discussed Google’s position in attribution in an upcoming podcast episode.

That episode will feature Maddie Cary from Point It, who is a top 25 PPC influencer in 2017. You’ll have to wait a while to hear that episode go live, but in the meantime check out this piece on Google’s leadership position in attribution modeling.

Google Attribution: Is Google stepping in because no one else would? by @Marketingland – Not sure about you, but I take the bias of “free” attribution modeling in stride. You get what you pay for.

Unforgettable Tips to Optimize Audience Targeting by @Hanapin – Don’t forget the basics while you are focusing your attention on keywords, bids, and budgets.

Negative Keyword Match Types by @krisvick – A great reminder on negative keyword match types, and how they work.

Maximize Your Ad Spend ROI with Post-Click Optimization by @Instapage – Align everything together. Keywords, ad copy and landing pages that align will yield the best results.

That’s all for this week.