Analytics As A Humble AdWords Servant

This week I read more than one article about PPC victories one can achieve through Google Analytics. In addition to that there was an update to AW terms & conditions, plus Bing rolled out a new feature nationwide!

Dynamic Search Ads in @BingAds now open to all US advertisers – Ads are automatically matched to queries based on advertisers’ website content.

Starting on Thursday, @AdWords rolled out new Terms and Conditionsin all countries and territories.

Utilize Referrals in Google Analytics to Boost Your Display Campaignsby @semrush – Which referral sources have performed the best with your current audience?

Have You Leveraged Google Audience Data In Your Paid-Social Campaigns? by Edwin Plotts from LadderIO – Use GA affinity data for Facebook advertising.

Best Business and Marketing Books [Approved by Top PPC Experts] by @monicaaxinte – How on earth are we expected to find the time to read books if we can barely see the light at the end of the tunnel?