Your Keywords Mean Something, Right?

This week we have some posts on keyword research, choosing a new agency and some advice directly from Google. Enjoy!

Advanced New Tail Keyword Research by @dejanseo – Published last year, this article will remain fresh & actionable for many years to come!

Why You Should Target Topics, Not Keywords by @JuliaEMcCoy – Valid SEO advice, but does it also work for PPC?

26 Signs You Need a New Agency by @Hanapin – Respected PPC Agency Hanapin comes out with a post that might be a little controversial.

Yes, A Full Service Agency Can Do PPC by @Mel66 – And Mel offers a counter-point to Hanapin’s post.

Frame AdWords account analysis around what success looks like for you by @adwords support – It’s as if Google is listening directly to my newsletters!

How to Respond to “Show Us Your Work” by @_WWP_ – bonus share as a food for thought on deal closing best practices