New AdWords Editor Has Arrived

Here are a few resources for your reading leisure during this holiday week (in the US).

AdWords Editor 12 offers a fresh look and new features by @adwords official blog, and a more loose take on the release by @smallbiztrends – The new changes improve on version 11 with a range of features designed to address everything from the UI to scalability, faster downloads, responsive ads options and more.

Pros and Cons of Quora Ads
 – A 90 Day Look via Zato Marketing blog, better known as home field of @ppckirk

Our experiment in eliminating AdWords by Peter Keller by @practicalecomm – a year old but still fresh and thought provoking

Facebook Ads vs Google Adwords: 7 Key Criteria to Decide by Robert Peterson via @b2community – I’d shuffle numbers a bit; still pretty accurate.

5 design bottlenecks in PPC advertising & how to prevent them by Tony Mickelsen via @lucidpress – If you’re like most PPC advertisers, you’d rather not touch Adobe Photoshop with a ten-foot pole.

What Does Success Mean to You? by @jeffalytics – Rather than talking about the strategies and tactics, I ask the toughest question up front.