PPC Account: Check Yo Self

This week, in addition to a super-useful checklist, we have KW pricing info and an often overlooked trick for improving CTR. Enjoy!

The PPC Puzzle: A Checklist by @Hanapin – As you set up your paid search campaign there are some areas to be extra cautious about!

Agency Shopping? 6 Questions To Ask Before Making A Commitmentby @Aimclear – Use reverse psychology to understand what clients want from you.

Most Expensive AdWords Keywords in Ireland by @GlowMetrics – Leaders for gambling, trading, insurance… even psychic!

Stamp Your PPC Ad Copy – Improve CTR the Old-Fashioned Way by @Portent – Does your brand (or client) have any registered, copyrighted or trademarked terms? If so, consider including the symbol in your text ads.