How Do You Target Locals With PPC?

Here are a few PPC resources that caught my attention last week:

Google Maps Marketing: The best tool to target locals via @HuffPost – When we google a keyword, most often, we get Google Maps results in search results.

POV: Snapchat Publisher Ad Creation Tool via @mindshare – At IPO Snap Inc. stock was valued at $17; rose to $30 in its first month (March ’17). It is currently trading below its IPO price and the market is demanding innovation to drive revenue.

How to Choose the Right Long-Tail Keywords via @SEMRush – Long-tail keywords get you more bang for your advertising buck. Competitive keywords tend to have a high cost per click, but keywords with a lower search volume are both cheaper and more targeted.

Build high-value customer lists that expand beyond your remarketing efforts with similar results. To learn more, tune in for this livestream by @adwords community.

7 Nuggets of Search Marketing Wisdom from #MozCon via @wordstream – The mass exodus of fellow search-nerds from Seattle has begun; amidst a wave of fanfare, beers, and tears (bye, Rand!), MozCon has drawn to a close.